"The dream I had yesterday and today: the dense forest turns into a shopping district. The happy and mundane world will vent their anger. This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife. How did I get here?"
"Cause if a part of me is a part of you, and there's a part of me that's beautiful, does that make you beautiful too?"
Hemlock Ernst
"I don't know that I believe in art but I certainly believe in light"
James Turrell
motion picture
"The poets first spell is metaphor"
Rory Allen Phillips Ferreira
a human in motion
"The designed, purpose-built playgrounds which are scattered throughout the city are, for the time being, indispensable places of refuge for children. But, like prostheses, they are also a painful reminder of how severely the city, which should itself be a playground for its citizens and children, has been amputated in this respect"
Herman Hertzberger
"There are more stories to tell than there are people to tell them"
Gabriel Nuer
on an adventure
"Le vent se lève! Il faut tenter de vivre!"
Paul Valéry
"A sense of purpose. I think that's when I started to become a real artist. If there's such a thing."
Larry Bell
the bridge
"Creation and art loses its magic the moment it becomes a conscious work"
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